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The Health + Dwellness Podcast  is about bringing together the powerful elements of health, wellness and design so you can live a more healthy, joyful, happy and fulfilling life.

Our goal with this podcast is to inspire, educate and expand your knowledge of wellness living that will transform your life.  We'll share practical and easy solutions along with our expertise about the integration and harmony of health, wellness and design.

You’ll hear stimulating and fun discussions about: building a healthy home, self love + space love, living with joy, wellness real estate, the future of home gyms and the evolution of work spaces.  We'll also talk about sleeping well, longevity, healthy habits, decluttering and products that reduce toxic load.  


We’ll host interviews on topics like: igniting healthy cooking with Thermador Luxury Appliances, the power of color therapy with an expert from Sherwin-Williams Paint, the growing trend in wellness travel with Fresi Travel. We’ll explore home garden to table with nutritionist Shana Tatum. We'll also talk to people on the forefront of lifestyle medicine, positive psychology, green building, LEED Architects and others in the health and wellness industry. 

Join us every other week for a new episode!

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We can’t wait to share this space with you,

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